Momentum is defined as the force or speed of movement. A car gains momentum going downhill, for instance. But how does an entrepreneur gain positive momentum to grow his or her business and achieve the desired outcomes?

Being aware that you, as the entrepreneur, are in control of your own momentum is a powerful state of awareness. You’re the one who came up with the idea for your business; you kickstarted the momentum to create something new. But which way is the momentum headed one week in? One month? Six months? One year?

How are you going to keep things moving forward in the direction you desire? What happens if you lose momentum? How can you restart momentum and change directions?

Momentum has been the overarching theme of my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve learned to become astutely aware of where my own momentum is on any given day, and adjust accordingly. There are a number of things momentum means to me – listening to intuition, keeping focused, taking time to recharge yourself, and staying in a positive frame of mind.

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